About Us

The Spirit of Esther Ministry is modeled after the life of Queen Esther from the bible. Esther was a woman whom God used her natural beauty and unique character to win the heart of a great King. And this positioned her to further step into her full purpose to accomplish one of God’s greatest achievements that saved the nation of Israel from total annihilation.

This ministry seeks to aid and equip every believer to realize their true divine purpose as we believe that every believer has a role to play in the Kingdom of God, no matter how great or small, and that this purpose can be birthed from the person’s unique character and skill. At the end of this realization, the believer must begin to walk in their divine purpose.

Esther’s cousin Mordecai watched in the natural and reported to her as a Queen where the enemy was planning to attack God’s people and His Kingdom. Therefore, in this ministry, aside from helping the believer to realize their full potential in the Kingdom, they must realize their kingdom role to watch and to protect all that is the culture of the Kingdom of God.

The Spirit of Esther is therefore Kingdom equipping, Kingdom building, and Kingdom protection! This being said, we have created many different sub-ministries under the umbrella of this ministry to focus on each area. Please feel free to be a part of any or all of these ministries and help to build the Kingdom of God upon the earth.