Queen Esther + Your Identity in Christ

Ponder on this. Queen Esther was a woman so confident in her own identity as a Hebrew to the point that she could deny that same identity to embrace a whole different nationality, a Persian, to save souls… millions for God’s Kingdom… without even losing her true self in the process! You know who else did that? God in Jesus! God gave up his identity as the King of heaven to come to the earth as Jesus Christ, a man, born in a manger and laying on a bed of straw around horse poop, and later to be rejected by many… to save trillions for God’s Kingdom! And all the while never losing his true spiritual identity. Because your authentic identity lies within your unrestricted uninhibited spirit, and that trumps the identity in your flesh every time! However, you must learn to be so confident in your human identity that Read More

Spiritual Dehydration – thirsty for God

MY SPIRITUAL DEHYDRATION: This morning I let my dogs outside to play for a good while. They seriously love playtime with each other. It is a joy to watch them chase each other around the yard and then wrestle with each other. They would keep this up for almost a good hour and then they would run inside the house when they are tired and their little strength is weary, and they would head straight towards their waterer. You could see them panting with their mouths open, dying from thirst. And they would lap up that water as if it was there to save their lives. But as I watch them panting for their water, and heading to their water bottle, it’s like they had blinders on and nothing can come in the way of them and that water bottle. The Lord then whispered to me “I want you to Read More

WHO AM I? Not what am I

WHO AM I? I cannot believe God is not done with me. That he did not toss me aside. I cannot believe he finds something of any good use in me. Because I believe what God says about who I am to him, I have not for a long time cared what people thought about me, because God thinks the world of me, and I believe it. I am not afraid to be unliked, unloved, overlooked, undiscovered, persecuted, or canceled, the God who called the galaxies including our earth into existence by simply speaking a word, the God who parted red seas, carved words out of stone tablets, stopped time by pausing the sun, calmed storms, and raised people from the dead, made me in HIS OWN IMAGE for a specific purpose that is no less than the purpose assigned to Abraham, to Moses, to Esther, to Elijah, to Jeremiah, Read More

Mordecai and Jesus’ Great Commission

If you know the story in the book of Esther, of how a humble orphan girl rose to become one of the most powerful women in history, defeating the enemies of her people and saving them from total annihilation.  Everyone knows that story of Esther.  But did you miss another important aspect of the story?  The role that her cousin Mordecai played as one of the reasons why Esther was able to accomplish that feat, which is key to something we can relate to and need today. Mordecai did two important things for Esther. When King Xerxes was looking for a new bride and ordered to gather the most beautiful of women across the country, it was Mordecai who suggested to Esther that she become one of those women, even though she was a Jewish girl.  And she did. Later on when Esther became Queen, and Mordecai was sitting at Read More

KNOW YOUR VALUE! Are you a diamond or a ruby?

Women, are you as valuable as DIAMONDS or RUBIES? And do you know which one has more value? You’d be surprised! If you answered RUBIES, then you are correct!: A ruby is more rare and more expensive. Diamonds are less expensive than rubies. The very finest, top quality ruby is so rare that it has been the world’s most valued gemstone for thousands of years. Even today, flawless top quality rubies are more valuable and rare than top quality colorless diamonds. On the hierarchy of the most precious gems, the diamond falls at #4 behind the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Is it any wonder that the bible compared the noblest of women to that of a ruby: Proverbs 31: 10 “A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.” We are all created uniquely and individually.  Our uniqueness is what makes us rare and gives Read More


Which person of God out there today can say with me that the Spirit of Jezebel is taking over in our world today. Do you even know what the SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL IS and how it operates? That’s another sermon for another day. For me, there’s nothing wrong with women being strong, powerful, and taking any place in society where they want… I am THAT WOMAN. But if that is being done at the expense of losing our men, then I don’t subscribe to that. If the only way I can rise is to put men/you down, then I don’t subscribe to that. Queen Esther in the bible won a beauty contest, rose to ultimate power as a Queen and saved A WHOLE NATION from annihilation BECAUSE OF HER FEMININITY, and she did that while she still had to be submissive and respectful to her husband the King. He gave Read More