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Read the Bible 365 is a movement designed to encourage the reading of the whole bible among Christian believers and any one interested. Birthed out of an observation that bible ILLITERACY is a major problem in the Christian faith today as many believers struggle with their faith and their ordained purpose, and one reason being because of a lack of knowledge of the inspired word of God.  Dr. Dione Nancolas believes it is no wonder, because most believers had never read the complete bible, only in part.

Founding member Dr. Dione Nancolas left a very profitable and high profile life in the secular world to focus on her relationship with Jesus Christ after her conversion to Christianity in 1997.  Even though she holds a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theology which was recently awarded to her in December of 2019 that recognizes her proficiency in the word of God, she will tell you that she learned God’s word simply BY reading the bible from Genesis to Revelation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit on her own.

“In 1997, two days after I received Jesus Christ into my heart, my discipler/mentor simply handed me a bible and told me to read it.  That’s it.  And I did read the entire book in the space of 2 weeks.  It was captivating!  I could hardly put the book down.  But reading the whole book truly gave me such an in-depth look into the character of God and His plan for mankind through Jesus.  My Christian life suddenly became alive after that and I felt as though I had leveled up and became so much more mature.  I no longer had puzzle pieces or what other people had to tell me about God, I had the complete picture for myself.”

Dr. Dione believes that every single Christian should read the entire bible through and not just parts of it.  “I believe the bible is a manual written for humans and inspired by a God who created them.  Many see the book as being only inspirational, so they go to it and read parts of it every now and again.  But it is much more than that, it is also instructional!  It directs your path and instructs you on how to live and how to operate as created human beings in a world where God created for us to live in.”  She adds.  “If we read the bible in part, then we only know God and operate in part.  But if we read it in full, then we know God fully and operate completely in our purposeful destiny.”

“I look around in my world today especially in America and see so many Christians not being in a position to offer themselves over as hope and a lighthouse to those that are lost and hurting.  So many losing their way and being blown around in a state of confusion and despair pretty much like those who are without Christ.  And I ask God why is this happening?  God told me because they are broken and they no longer work because they never read their manual.  In other words, God’s people are perishing for lack of KNOWLEDGE.”

So she felt God was asking her that on top of everything else on her plate, she was to lead a massive campaign encouraging everyone, not only Christians, to read the entire word of God.

“I know that there are many other organizations out there that do encourage the reading of God’s word, even in it’s entirety.  But what sets this campaign apart is that it is designed for the season we now live in and the new era in which God is taking our planet.  That aside, there can never be enough organizations to reach all the people, we will simply be playing a small part in doing so, reaching as many as we can.  On top of that, we will be utilizing the resources of other said organizations so we can together provide a complete support and resource that people can read and learn God’s word.”

Read the Bible 365 seeks to provide a platform of support and resources to teach the word and encourage readers to read the entire bible through.  Dr. Nancolas believes that if she was able to do it and grow in her faith, many will be able to have their own experience of growth as well.

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