This powerful group was started in Kenya in December 2022, when a group of University students, after being discipled by young Adger Nyambati whom our ministry has discipled, decided to create a Christian group headed by Adger, that is responsible for using our book “The Plan of Salvation” to win souls for God’s Kingdom in their University.

The Spirit of Esther Ministries designed and set up the program with Adger, a Kisii Kenyan University student himself, for him to run as God’s ministry to him, with the intention of placing this program in all the Universities and Colleges in Kenya and all of Africa.

The first chapter was formed in the Kisii University in Kenya with 3 diverse students in gender and denomination leading the team. This was important because we have trained our disciplers to put aside denomination and unite as one body using the word of God, and work together to win souls for the Kingdom. The leaders are two young men and one young woman from the religions of Protestant, 7th Day Adventist, and Catholic, led by Adger, an Evangelical. They all make a dynamic team.

Adger Toews
Instructor Adger Toews Nyambati

The Seedling Nurturing Christian Group does not only target students, but everyone. It is the vehicle that steers the discipleship program of the Spirit of Esther Ministries. Through the support of our ministry and our flagship book The Plan of Salvation, 26 Year old Adger has since trained some 17 Pastors from all different religions including Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, and Adventist, who now use our book to teach their congregation.

Lives have been saved, backsliders have returned to God, and Christian’s have leveled up their faiths from Adger’s ministry, and we are proud to see the work he has been doing since meeting him and discipling him only 3 months before.

Now the Seedling group has made a way for our Esther Ministry and our Christian Sorority to find a home in the hearts of the Kenyan people. We are thrilled to be working with Adger to nurture this seed into a flourishing tree with deep roots, strong branches, and abundant fruit where all will partake of.

We are not a 501-C3, so if you would like to support this ministry please visit our store and take advantage of our Kenya BOGO packages that helps us to send our books to the people in Kenya, and to make provisions for persons who are being trained as disciples.