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Where do you think you will fit in our ministries?

Are you a prayer warrior/intercessor or wish to be trained in that area?  Then our 2nd Chronicles 7 Project is for you.  It is a movement where we train and deploy believers to warfare against the Kingdom of darkness and take physical territories (geographical territories) back from the enemy and re-enlist their coordinates with the Kingdom of God.   This project is the armed forces department for the Kingdom of God so believers are trained as spiritual military to truly know what the Kingdom of God is and to develop a radical allegiance to it and to fight and protect it.

Do you want to learn more about God by truly learning, knowing, and to follow His word?  Then Read the Bible 365 is for you.  It is a bible reading program that encourages every believer and all interested to read and study the word of God from Genesis to Revelations and the Inter-Testamental period which is the in-between.  Bible illiteracy is very common in the church today and many believers are struggling with their faith and purpose for the lack of this knowledge.   This program is a one year program.

Are you a woman searching to find out who you really were created to be?  And to know what your true role in the Kingdom of God is?  Then the Sisterhood of Esther is for you.  This is not a secular sorority with secret elements.  This is created to give women a fellowship where they will support each other and learn to be Godly women and eventually, like Queen Esther, crowned as a Queen.  Women will find themselves through Christ, and realize their purpose and will in the end act upon that purpose.  It is a very prestigious organization available to every woman free of charge.  There are fun social activities, but training will take place at the Esther Spirit Academy.

Would you like to be a part of the main ministry, the Spirit of Esther Ministries?  Here we oversee all the sub-ministries and we seek to find other creative ways in the Kingdom of how believers can excel their growth and purpose in the Kingdom of God.  This ministry is geared towards women, and is a very strong force in forming Godly Women and causing them to be active in the Kingdom of God.  

You don’t have to join only one or two of our ministries, you can be a member of them all and go through them at the same time.  We have many members doing that now.  If you are not sure where you do fit in then we do recommend starting with Read the Bible 365 to get fundamental knowledge.  Everything begins with knowing the word of God so that is a good place to start.  And if you are a woman, start with the Sorority program as it helps you to realize your Kingdom giftings.

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