Tertiary Education – Esther Spirit Academy


To provide free self-developmental training for everyone, based on Christian principles.   The Academy subscribes to a Holistic dichotomous approach in self-development; spiritual and physical. Students will be able to improve their identity, worth and boost their self-esteem, and be able to in turn affect others positively in the same regard.


The Academy’s program is accredited under the licensure of the Veritas Summit College, and endorsed by many reputable religious entities who act as sponsors and/or partners. 

Materials & Resources:

The material we use are carefully researched and screened for the validity of their content.  Many of our materials are found on the internet, which is a very reliable source to gain information on many topics these days.  We research the author’s credibility, formal training, and/or extensive knowledge in their area of expertise before we present the material to you.  The material we acquire is free and legal to use as long as it is clear who the author is.  Additionally, materials we use are created by our own professors who hold a Doctorate degree. All training materials shall not violate our core principles in the Ministry.

Sorority life:

Many women today did not get a chance to complete or even get a formal education, and many did not experience college life and to be able to take part in its aspects such as support from mentors and the fellowship from students and peers. The Esther Spirit Academy strives to either rebuild or offer this experience to our women. Sororities are usually formed in Colleges, so it is very fitting that the Epsilon Theta Gamma Sorority is indeed a part of its own college.  Now women can experience college life and enjoy a healthy bonding with other women while being mentored on how to be the best that you can be! Please note our Sorority is not secular with any secret rituals but is purely Christ-based.

Certification – Badges

The Academy offers certification to all our students, but it is for your own personal use.  While it may not be able to qualify you for a job, it makes you better prepared to get one and to maintain great standards in keeping it and to perform well.

As a student progresses through the Academy, her progress is marked by what we call Academic Digital Badges.  Badges are an acceptable and modern way to certify achievements and sent digitally.  We award a different badge as each member progresses through and completes our program.  All badges achieved are proudly located on each member’s profile page.

At the end of each module of the program, students will partake in a graduating ceremony, receive their appropriate crown, and their accredited certificate issued from the Veritas Summit College.

For more information, https://spiritofesther.com/contact/