The Plan of Salvation [Softcover]


A large size 11 point print that is good to read, plus over 90 questions asked throughout the script to ensure you are grasping what you are reading.

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This book is a must-read for the Christian who seeks to understand the complete subject of salvation through Jesus Christ, or for any non-Christian to be introduced to salvation by first understanding it. It researches and resolves the ‘great debate’ in the Christian community on Law vs Grace and explains both the details of the old and new covenants. It answers many other questions that many struggle to answer that are key to salvation, a few such as:

  1. Who is God, and what is his gender?
  2. Is Jesus the only way to God?
  3. How has Jesus Fulfilled the old laws (Old Testament) and made them new (New Testament)
  4. Why was Satan disguised as a snake in the garden
  5. Why did Satan approached Eve first
  6. Were there humans on the earth before Adam?
  7. The role of the woman and the man in creation

And many, many more questions. It outlines in detail God’s plan of salvation by brilliantly placing it on the timeline from the beginning of Genesis to Jesus’ death. It answers the question of how exactly Jesus’ death saves us and it tackles many controversial topics in Christianity today. This book is a great supplement to any discipleship material.

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