WHO AM I? Not what am I

WHO AM I? I cannot believe God is not done with me. That he did not toss me aside. I cannot believe he finds something of any good use in me.

Because I believe what God says about who I am to him, I have not for a long time cared what people thought about me, because God thinks the world of me, and I believe it. I am not afraid to be unliked, unloved, overlooked, undiscovered, persecuted, or canceled, the God who called the galaxies including our earth into existence by simply speaking a word, the God who parted red seas, carved words out of stone tablets, stopped time by pausing the sun, calmed storms, and raised people from the dead, made me in HIS OWN IMAGE for a specific purpose that is no less than the purpose assigned to Abraham, to Moses, to Esther, to Elijah, to Jeremiah, to Jacob, to Joseph, to King David, to Solomon, to Mary, to Peter, to Paul, to John… and all the bible greats. My purpose is no lesser than any one of them! And this is true for anyone God calls into service to him.

And that gives me confidence and is very defining to me. And just like all those bible greats, we all fail! But the key is to know WHOSE you are and what you are to do, and then you get up and get back onto the path marked out for you again, not your own path… God’s way for you, and in turn, God will move around the entire heaven and earth that he created to enable you to do what you need to do. This is sobering.

I am not who my flesh says I am. I am not black, I more than Jamaican, I am more than a designer, I am more than my parent’s child. All those things are only what I am in the temporary flesh body given to me that will be discarded when I am on my way to glory. But I am who my spirit says I am, I am a child of the true and living God, created in his likeness for his purpose, shareholder in Heaven INC (InCreated), and I will sit with him and judge the angels! That is who I am.

And when we come to this realization, it helps us to alleviate many of the human issues in our lives that plagues us and holds us back from our purposes. It’s why it is important to become born again and live by the spirit and not by our flesh. Thank you God for stalking me all these years of my life to make sure I live up to your expectations of me. Please continue to do so until you complete the good work you have started in me.

Your beloved child (you know, the rebel one)
Dione (your modern day Ester with a Joseph anointing)