Spiritual Dehydration – thirsty for God

MY SPIRITUAL DEHYDRATION: This morning I let my dogs outside to play for a good while. They seriously love playtime with each other. It is a joy to watch them chase each other around the yard and then wrestle with each other. They would keep this up for almost a good hour and then they would run inside the house when they are tired and their little strength is weary, and they would head straight towards their waterer. You could see them panting with their mouths open, dying from thirst. And they would lap up that water as if it was there to save their lives.
But as I watch them panting for their water, and heading to their water bottle, it’s like they had blinders on and nothing can come in the way of them and that water bottle. The Lord then whispered to me “I want you to pant in thirst for wisdom and knowledge of me like your dogs pant in thirst for their water”. Uh… say what now? Wow!!!
This would be the second time that God would use my dog’s behavior to teach me how to serve him. So I said “Lord if you would give me longing, desire, and dehydrate me for you, then I will find your streams of living water that flows and drink of your river that never runs dry and eat of your bread of life that is spiritually sustaining.”
Do I even know what I just asked? That question came over me. I have a way of putting my foot in my mouth when it comes to God and become overzealous like Peter who made silly ambitious comments like “Lord don’t just wash my foot but my whole body”, and later he was hanging from a cross upside down. Yet his silly comments and big heart for Jesus were covenants made from his heart that found him in situations and places later on where he chose to not back out of but gave in to serve his master. Once Jesus gave him the pass when he swore he would stand by him and then denied him 3 times, Peter would never make that mistake again.
So here I am setting up myself by simply asking God to put a gaping hole in my understanding of him and that he’d be the one responsible for filling it. I can only imagine why he wants me to learn so much more on top of what I already know about him, but I hate to think of HOW he will achieve this.
But this one thing I ask of you Lord, just as you gave my dogs two awesome parents and role models and mentors that they trust without a doubt, that you would personally assign the people who will impart your wisdom and knowledge into my spirit, and that you would increase the spirit of wisdom that you have afforded me.
Let the spiritual dehydration begin…

WHO AM I? Not what am I

WHO AM I? I cannot believe God is not done with me. That he did not toss me aside. I cannot believe he finds something of any good use in me.

Because I believe what God says about who I am to him, I have not for a long time cared what people thought about me, because God thinks the world of me, and I believe it. I am not afraid to be unliked, unloved, overlooked, undiscovered, persecuted, or canceled, the God who called the galaxies including our earth into existence by simply speaking a word, the God who parted red seas, carved words out of stone tablets, stopped time by pausing the sun, calmed storms, and raised people from the dead, made me in HIS OWN IMAGE for a specific purpose that is no less than the purpose assigned to Abraham, to Moses, to Esther, to Elijah, to Jeremiah, to Jacob, to Joseph, to King David, to Solomon, to Mary, to Peter, to Paul, to John… and all the bible greats. My purpose is no lesser than any one of them! And this is true for anyone God calls into service to him.

And that gives me confidence and is very defining to me. And just like all those bible greats, we all fail! But the key is to know WHOSE you are and what you are to do, and then you get up and get back onto the path marked out for you again, not your own path… God’s way for you, and in turn, God will move around the entire heaven and earth that he created to enable you to do what you need to do. This is sobering.

I am not who my flesh says I am. I am not black, I more than Jamaican, I am more than a designer, I am more than my parent’s child. All those things are only what I am in the temporary flesh body given to me that will be discarded when I am on my way to glory. But I am who my spirit says I am, I am a child of the true and living God, created in his likeness for his purpose, shareholder in Heaven INC (InCreated), and I will sit with him and judge the angels! That is who I am.

And when we come to this realization, it helps us to alleviate many of the human issues in our lives that plagues us and holds us back from our purposes. It’s why it is important to become born again and live by the spirit and not by our flesh. Thank you God for stalking me all these years of my life to make sure I live up to your expectations of me. Please continue to do so until you complete the good work you have started in me.

Your beloved child (you know, the rebel one)
Dione (your modern day Ester with a Joseph anointing)

Mordecai and Jesus’ Great Commission

If you know the story in the book of Esther, of how a humble orphan girl rose to become one of the most powerful women in history, defeating the enemies of her people and saving them from total annihilation.  Everyone knows that story of Esther.  But did you miss another important aspect of the story?  The role that her cousin Mordecai played as one of the reasons why Esther was able to accomplish that feat, which is key to something we can relate to and need today.

Mordecai did two important things for Esther.

When King Xerxes was looking for a new bride and ordered to gather the most beautiful of women across the country, it was Mordecai who suggested to Esther that she become one of those women, even though she was a Jewish girl.  And she did.

Later on when Esther became Queen, and Mordecai was sitting at the palace gate, he overheard the King’s right hand man plotting to overthrow the Jewish people, therefore, it was Mordecai who alerted Queen Esther to the plot.  And when she conveyed to him her concerns of possibly losing her own life if she intervened even as Queen, it was Mordecai who provoked the spirit in her and called her to her full purpose by speaking the following decree to her that would become one of the most infamous scriptures of the bible quoted to this day, he told her…

Esther 4:14  “…For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS?”

Many sermons have been preached, many songs have been sung, many merchandise have been printed, many a times people have quoted it, the whole Book of Esther was literally about this phrase spoken by Mordecai to Queen Esther; “For such a time as this”

Mordecai was the one who suggested to Esther to enter the beauty contest to become Queen.  He saw in her what she did not see in herself, therefore he was able to point her in the direction of her destiny.  Later when she became Queen and probably felt that she was already walking in her destiny by becoming Queen, it was Mordecai again who fanned the flames of her true destiny by showing her where she could best be of ultimate service to the Kingdom of God in her position as Queen.  And she went on to accomplish just that, she risked her own life and saved her people from being wiped off the planet.  So while Esther was the heroine in the story, Mordecai was her guide and her mentor.

I think we all need a Mordecai in our life, and maybe some of us have had such a person who was able to point us in the right direction and challenged us further to come into our divine purpose.  Maybe if you spoke with someone who have successfully started their own Ministry or have acquired a successful position where they could be of positive influence to others, they may have their own Mordecai story to tell.

Sometimes even as Christians, many of us believe that we have fulfilled our destiny just by becoming saved.  So we settle in that position, in a state of mediocrity.  For Esther it was the same, she was able to save her own life as a Jewish girl from harm simply by becoming Queen.  Her story could have ended there and it still would have been good.  It could have read;

Jewish Orphan Girl becomes Queen to the Most Powerful Islamic King.

What’s wrong with that?  That’s a great accomplishment, much like a sinner being saved from hell through salvation, it is enough.  But it turned out that even as Queen, she was living in a state of mediocrity in the palace.   She was destined for more.  Much like Christians we are all destined for more than just being saved.  As it was for Queen Esther, there are other lives that need to be saved through our position as Queen or Christian… or both!  Esther moved from a mediocre woman to one of purpose by fulfilling her full destiny, and rewrote the headline of her story.  Now it rightfully reads:

Jewish Orphan Queen to Most Powerful Islamic King  Risks life and Exposes Conspiracy against Jews and Saved Entire Jewish Nation from Total Annihilation!

What does your headline read like?  Is it like the first headline, only about what you saved your own self from?  Are you sitting in a place of mediocrity when you could have been more?  Are you only halfway in your destiny and purpose?  Do you need an extra Mordecai nudge to push you further towards completing your divine purpose and save lives?

Then the Spirit of Esther Ministries through the Sorority of the Epsilon Omega Gamma aspires to be the Mordecai that points every woman to walk in the fullness of her purpose.  I believe the book of Esther holds the keys of what our Christian life should be like.  The buck doesn’t stop with you, you need to move on to affect the lives of others in your own way.  It is what the Kingdom of God is about; saving yourself first, and then affecting others.  It’s called the Great Commission.  Jesus asks that we become disciples, and then make disciples of others to win souls.

Matthew 28:16-20 New International Version (NIV)

The Great Commission

16 Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. 17 When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. 18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

KNOW YOUR VALUE! Are you a diamond or a ruby?

Women, are you as valuable as DIAMONDS or RUBIES? And do you know which one has more value? You’d be surprised!

If you answered RUBIES, then you are correct!:

A ruby is more rare and more expensive. Diamonds are less expensive than rubies. The very finest, top quality ruby is so rare that it has been the world’s most valued gemstone for thousands of years. Even today, flawless top quality rubies are more valuable and rare than top quality colorless diamonds.

On the hierarchy of the most precious gems, the diamond falls at #4 behind the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Is it any wonder that the bible compared the noblest of women to that of a ruby:

Proverbs 31: 10 “A wife of noble character who can find?  She is worth far more than rubies.”

We are all created uniquely and individually.  Our uniqueness is what makes us rare and gives us value.  Therefore, the more we become someone else or the more we make someone else like us, we lose value as we become less rare. Women, know your personal worth, it could be of far more value than you think, and more than what others say you are!


Which person of God out there today can say with me that the Spirit of Jezebel is taking over in our world today. Do you even know what the SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL IS and how it operates? That’s another sermon for another day. For me, there’s nothing wrong with women being strong, powerful, and taking any place in society where they want… I am THAT WOMAN.
But if that is being done at the expense of losing our men, then I don’t subscribe to that. If the only way I can rise is to put men/you down, then I don’t subscribe to that.
Queen Esther in the bible won a beauty contest, rose to ultimate power as a Queen and saved A WHOLE NATION from annihilation BECAUSE OF HER FEMININITY, and she did that while she still had to be submissive and respectful to her husband the King. He gave her more power than any woman in history had ever received, yet he demoted and killed his first wife the Queen because she abused the rights of her femininity trying to start a revolution where women would disrespect their men. Esther was a Jewish orphaned girl married to the most powerful King of Kings over the Dynasty of Persia, do you understand what that means?
If I get to be all I want and rise like a damn Phoenix out of the ashes and stand tall while you do you and be you, I am that MUCH MORE of a woman. I also understand that just like I have emotions that needs to be expressed or heard, men need that too! And if I can allow ANY PERSON, ESPECIALLY my man, to feel vulnerable enough to show his true feelings and express his emotions, then Goddarn it I am MUCH MORE OF A WOMAN!
Because that tells me he feels SAFE with me, he TRUSTS me, and he recognizes me to be HIS TOWER OF STRENGTH! How freaking cool is that? That’s a SUPERWOMAN!
Maybe as women, we need to start offering our men that opportunity… ANY MAN, to be vulnerable and bear his soul. And stop this Damned Woman Liberal Jezebel foolishness and allow our men to shine! Let’s cast that Jezebel Spirit down! And lift up the Spirit of Esther!
Unless it’s a plan… and they want them to become extinct. Hmmm… If so, then you are accomplishing just that and we are indeed losing our men. #spiritofesther