Esther Women


Esther Women – Women between ages 17 and up.

Members of the Esther Women segment are between the ages of 17 and up. These Ladies enter with the title of Lady and move on to higher titles as they progress through the program..

Applications for the Esther Women segment is now open. Become a part of a very prestigious Christian women’s sorority.

Applications will be screened and processed and an administrator will contact you by email. Currently, we accept applicants who are English speaking regardless of where you live, but you must have access to the Internet to participate in our program. Our services will soon be extended to other languages as our Sorority grows. You will be updated via email and other social networks on each new progress.

Member Requirements

Members are required to…

Accept and/or believe in the deity of Jesus Christ and the Trinity.

Accept and/or believe that the holy bible is the inspired word of God.

Must be Heterosexual

Must be identified as female

Be able to read and write the English Language


There are no subscription dues to pay as is with other secular Sororities. However, initiated members do have to purchase their official Welcome Membership kit at the cost of $50

This kit will include:

Your authentic Epsilon Omega Gamma Membership certificate stamped with our Official Seal.

Your printed handbook with all the details you need to know about the Sorority and Ministry

Your beautiful Sorority Lapel Pin

Your Official Sorority Ring

Please note that other kits with different sorority items will become available as you progress through the program.  Plus Sorority gear will be available in our online store.