Awardee: Spirit of Ruth

The Spirit of Esther’s “Spirit of Ruth Award”

The coveted “Spirit of Ruth’s Award” is our Award of Loyalty. It honors the person who has been a long-standing member since the inception of the ministry in 2002. Someone who has supported and understood the Blueprint as it was given from heaven to Dr. Dione Nancolas its founder. Their loyalty, and faithfulness to stay consistent throughout the full course of the program that kept the ministry wheels turning in its divine direction, has not gone unnoticed.


Our 2023 recipient Lady Trudy-Ann Wilson is a pioneering member of the Spirit of Esther Ministry since it began in 2002 in Kingston, Jamaica. She also migrated with the ministry when it moved from Jamaica to the United States and became a board member that oversees the direction of the ministry. Lady Trudy has been faithful and supportive to the founder Dr. Nancolas, even during the inactive years as the ministry transitioned between the two countries. And she was on deck cheering and supporting the ministry when it began its maiden voyage in the USA in 2014.

Lady Trudy-Ann holds the title in the Epsilon Omega Gamma Christian Sorority of Lady and Chaperone of the House of Honor, and she also leads the Philadelphia Chapter.

On September 30, 2023, during an official coronation ceremony, Lady Trudy will be the rightful beneficiary of our Spirit of Ruth Award.