Esther’s Process

The Sorority Program; The Process…

The Process

Inspired by the book of Esther, much like the 12-month training and grooming (process) Esther experienced prior to becoming Queen, the Epsilon Omega Gamma’s ‘Process’ is physical and spiritual grooming and training.  They will be taught to understand their identity and the role they play as women both married and single. They will be trained in areas that make them a virtuous woman with upright standing.  They will be taught how to live like Godly women by Christian principles drawn from Proverbs 31.  These women will become Godly role models, Queens with titles at the end of their training, and during their training, they will be taught to look the part.  They will become mentors, being able to invest in other women lives.


A Prestigious Christian Sorority inspired by the book of Esther and targeting women.  Women, much like Esther, would be processed for 12 months to become spiritually and physically beautiful.

Beauty Spiritual beauty is obtained from the inside.  Where a woman is free from the issues that hinder her to know, accept and love herself, and become the person God created her to be, shining from the inside out.  Physical beauty is just as important to adorn and take care of the temple (body).  Persons are not asked to be vain, but if you are the King’s daughter, why not look the part.  This level cannot be achieved in its rightful sense without first achieving spiritual beauty.
Governess Each girl will be taught the basics of household management.  A woman is the Governess of her domain/home/house
Etiquette A vying Queen is taught the social graces of modern etiquette, posture, and public speaking, etc.  These are just some of the social graces a Queen learns.
Civics She will be taught the basics of the Governmental Civics of her country.  A Queen is always well aware of current affairs and the political systems of Governments.
Ethnic Awareness: Each person will identify their ethnic background and culture.  Knowing where you are coming from helps to shape your identity and puts you on a good path towards your destiny
Religion The gospel of Christ is taught so members will have a relatively sound Christian knowledge.
Moral & Virtues The basis for womanly morals and virtues will be drawn from Proverbs 31 which describes the Virtuous woman.  Women will be assigned one of 9 virtues as a part of their title upon becoming a member of the sorority.
Women will be taught skills to develop herself socially and to build her character as an upstanding, confident and successful woman