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Picture: Queen Esther, taken from the movie "One Night With The King" based on the life of the biblical Queen.

A prestigious Christian sorority inspired by the life of the biblical Queen Esther. It is geared towards women, children and teenagers. They, much like Esther, will be groomed and processed to become spiritually and physically beautiful. 


The sorority is currently in pre-launch mode and scheduled to launch in November, 2017 via the internet on this website.  However, we want you to be a part of our journey in putting this all together before the launch and help make this long awaited ministry come to birth. 

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This ministry has an online learning program for all members called the Esther Academy for Women.  There women, and even teens and kids learn to build up their character, self esteem and spiritually.  Therefore, every member who is a part of the sorority really do experience college and sorority life!  Students will actually graduate with titles and honors and official certification from our Academy!


Wow!  A Christian sorority!

The Epsilon Theta Gamma is a Multicultural, Christian Sorority under the umbrella of the Spirit of Esther with no hidden agenda or secret rituals. Its vision is a mentorship program designed to unite all women into fellowship through Jesus Christ while seeking to develop her self esteem.  The Epsilon Theta Gamma Sorority is a NON-Collegiate organization, as we feel every Woman should be able to experience being a part of a Christian sisterhood, without prejudice.

The sorority is modeled after the life of Queen Esther in the bible, so every woman, regardless of race will have an equal chance to share in Estherís experience and become like royalty, for the rest of her life!

Each member will be trained to become a Queen, and will have her day when she will be dressed in her royal attire, and will have the rest of her life to earn and keep her title.

It is fun, yet very inspiring and spiritual.  Your training will involve, gala attendances, retreats, community service, charitable service, bookwork, self awareness and self evaluation training, these are just to name a few of the things you will be equipped with to embark on becoming a deeper, better and more fulfilling you!


Be inspired!  Be empowered!  Be crowned!




  • Official lapel pins are being designed to be ready for our launch.
  • Official signet rings are being designed, these are for "Tiara Ceremony"
  • The hunt for our signature tiara and scepter is in effect!
  • An official launch and retreat in one? Stay tuned!
  • Seeking Christian counselors and/or mentors to volunteer for our mentorship programs.  Contact Us!
  • Interested in a formal training program to become a Mentor /Chaperone in our Sorority, please contact us.

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